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Where your skin will Transform to be the best version of yourself.

Amor di Corpo Wellness for your skin


Enjoy a magic moment of wellness for your skin, that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Hydration Facial

Boost of Hyaluronic Acid,  rich in vitamins, botanical extracts and antioxidants to address skin concerns such as dryness, oils and acne. Leaves your face super hydrated!
Price: $ 155

Calming Facial

Calming Facial

We offer this facial as an introduction of those skins that feels  sensitive and sensitized. Start with cleanse, exfoliate, and a balancing  mask. Your skin feels calming and glowing.
Price: $ 135

Calming Facial

Amor Di Corpo Signature Facial

Deep luscious experience full spectrum of sensory wellness and skincare treatment stimulating beauty and healing.
Price: from $ 175

Chemical Peel

Medium exfoliate of the skin while enhancing hydration. Smooths fine lines and improves the skin’s texture and tone. Great anti-aging treatment to help the skin to regenerate itself. Peel also brightens your skin.
*Necessity determinate during the consultation
Price: $ 160


As a safety technique,  when the skin is properly prepared to remove both the vellus hair and the top layer of the dead skin cells. It can help to make your skin look smoother and brighter.
Price: $ 140


This is a procedure that uses tiny needles to treat scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles, and stretch marks. This treatment will stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture and tone.
Price: $ 210

LED Therapy

Increases collagen and tissues, can smooth out your skin and reduce the appearance of damage from age spots, acne and wrinkles.
Price: $ 60

Bride and Groom Consultation

Sculptural Face Lifting Massage


Calming Facial

Invigorate Back Treatment

Our invigorating back treatment is special and customized just for you! Reduces acne and ensures you feel great. Also the benefit of time for relaxation.
Price: $ 155

Calming Facial

Body Contour Wrap

Experience the amazing results of the Most Award Winning Body Contour Wrap. Lose 4-14 inches an hour and rave about the results; Not water lose wrap, Not a “spot” wrap, Moisturizes the skin, stimulates Lymphatic flow, detoxifies the skin, 100% all natural.
Price: $ 175

Calming Facial

Cocoon Body Therapy

This treatment is for those busy minds, they need to calm the stress and offer tranquility and peace to the body. Lavender collection offers you THE SPERIENCE SERENITY.
Price: $ 200

Client Reviews

Hear from our happy clients.

Rosa has given me a Facial and Body Wrap. She is very knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She is very professional and cares about how the customer feels. She followed up with me to make sure I had no problems and to get feedback on my experience. It’s a really excellent spa experience. I will continue to use her services.

Mrs Molly

I’ve been a regular client of Rosa for a couple years now. Every facial is a special treat for me because not only is it a skin treatment but also has a bonus neck massage which relaxes me a lot. I have acne-prone combo skin with some sensitive patches. Rosa customizes every treatment for my needs. Her hands are magically healing!


The products she uses are gentle and effective. My skin improved dramatically since working with Rosa. Several times Rosa was able to accommodate me last minute in the comfort of my home since she has a mobile spa setup. Very convenient and affordable!.


Spa Packages

Base on the stages of the Dragonfly

The Egg
Calming Facial
Hand Mask
Scalp massage
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The Larva
Amor di Corpo Signature Facial
Eye Mask
Hand Mask
Scalp Massage
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Hydration Facial
Invigorate Back Treatment
Hand mask
Scalp massage
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